Is home sharing right for you? Three questions to ask yourself

By October 3, 2016Lifestyle

By, Kari Henley – Director of Community Relations

Today there are a staggering 40 million adults over age 50 who live alone. Think of it. This has never happened before in our history as a species. Remember going to the grandparents house as kids, and the house was FULL of people? Aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors coming over for coffee in the morning and playing cards with cocktails after supper. The home was a place filled with ringing doorbells and ringing telephones, slamming doors and laughter galore.

Now? Not so much. Many empty nesters have to get on a plane to see their kids or grandkids. Neighbors don’t drop by (somehow it has become rude to do so) and many folks don’t like to answer the phone.  This is leaving a lot of perfectly healthy and capable older adults who are working, semi-retired, or retired feeling  isolated and alone.  It is weird kind of silent solitude only punctuated by the sound of the Anderson Cooper on the television for company.

Medical studies have shown this new-fangled isolation late in life puts our health at high risk: greater than smoking, diabetes or obesity. Like the famous rhesus monkey who failed to thrive, humans require company and community to remain healthy and happy.

If you own a home, and have an empty bedroom in your house; the concept of bringing in a compatible housemate may be a novel idea.  Yet, why not? It was completely common years ago – so why not now?

Here are three questions to ask yourself in considering if home sharing is right for you:

Could you use some extra money every month? With over 5500 members on Silvernest across all 50 states, we are finding our homeowners are able to earn an average of $9K per year – without having to leave the house or take a single shift.

Is your House a little too Quiet? If Anderson, Ellen and Oprah are your best friends, then the answer is yes. Finding a compatible housemate can bring a little life back into a lonely house- even hearing someone making tea can become comforting.

Are you willing to “try before you buy?”  Silvernest allows homeowners the opportunity  to “go fishing”- for free! Test the waters by creating a profile see what kind of fish will bite. Those who are looking for a place to rent also fill out a profile and everyone has to pass an ID verification, with five point background checks. Many report they can tell right away who is a good fit.

“I knew right away when I spoke to Kathy that she was the one,” said Joanne, a homeowner from Denver, Colorado. “She is kind, respectful and we had so many similar life experiences it feels like she has been here forever.” Joanne fit all three criteria. She wanted some extra money to keep up her cute house. Because she traveled so much, she hated coming home to an empty house, and wanted to be sure someone could watch over it.  Joanne loved that Silvernest allowed her to pre-screen potential candidates before having to contact them directly. She found Kathy within one week of posting her profile.

Watch Joanne and Kathy’s story here on KDVR Fox31 TV News

Cover photo Joanne, Kathy and Kari Henley. Questions?



You can learn more about homesharing at – Silvernest boldly breaks the rules of aging so you can share your home on your own terms. We’re creating the next generation of roommates. A more modern kind. A well-matched kind. A kind that’s just your style. Because around here, the details are totally up to you.

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