A Technology Enhanced Life

Posted by Silvernest Team on Oct 2, 2017 5:21:33 PM

No one questions that technology has changed our lives in profound ways. Many of us experienced it first in the workplace, then in the delivery of products and services – like our news, our groceries, and what we wear – and increasingly in our homes. We carry the power of a computer in our pocket every day. That has changed the way we navigate, work, shop, and consume entertainment. Most of us would agree that the positive outcomes outweigh the negatives of a tech enhanced existence. In October, we’ll look at the many ways our lives are touched for better or worse by an increasingly tech-focused world.

Older adults tend to have a very different view of the role technology plays in our lives. We view it as a tool that adds to an aspect of our life, which is different from younger generations who adopt new tech for the sake of trying it, before moving to the next cool thing. As we get older, there is technology that will assist us in ways that previous generations couldn’t have imagined. We can order a Lyft or an Uber and be mobile as long as we like; and driverless cars will bring further change. We can have virtually anything we want or need delivered to our doorstep, on our own timeline. We can bank from our living room and run a company from a coffee shop. At a time when most of us anticipate working longer, we have many tools to make it easy and ageless.

This month we’ll hear about the best of the best in the online economy – from travel, to music, to finding caregivers for our family members. We’ll examine the effect that time on digital devices has on our children and grandchildren. And we’ll have experts to talk about what’s next on the tech horizon – like what does “FinTech” really mean? How will robotics change our lives? Can we use technology to help us engage with older people and keep them from feeling lonely and isolated? What effect will technology have on our ability to work longer and in more satisfying ways?

Welcome to Fall in the Silvernest community! We excited to have you here.


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