Cape Cod “Age Friendly City” Celebrates Art Across the Ages

Posted by Kari Henley on Jun 14, 2016 10:03:31 AM
Kari Henley

Welcome to our new series at “From the Nest” celebrating hobbies and creative outlets to bring us closer together. We believe finding common interests is one of the keys to successful home sharing. In the next few posts, we will explore how our hobbies helps combat social isolation, and being creative is always better together. Today, we look at art as a universal language for improving community.


It is estimated the world population over age 60 will double by 2050, and many cities and communities are taking proactive steps to address how to be more inclusive of the needs of all ages in housing, transportation, community engagement, social participation and respect. The AARP and the World Health Organization launched a formal process for communities to follow - with the ultimate award to be given the distinction of an “Age Friendly City.”


According to the WHO, “Health and well-being are determined not only by our genes and personal characteristics but also by the physical and social environments in which we live our lives. Key environments include home, social relationships, neighborhoods and communities. An age-friendly world enables people of all ages to actively participate in community activities and treats everyone with respect, regardless of their age.”


The town of Yarmouth, MA on Cape Cod recently achieved the honorable status of an "Age Friendly City," and chose to celebrate by hosting a “Show Your Age” art show - featuring submissions from residents of all ages, from five to 91 years old. Some may have been professional artists; but most were not. Everyone created art to reflect either their current age, or an age they wanted to highlight.


The result was spectacular, and brought the entire community together in a way that only art can do. It is a wonderful reminder of how age is truly a state of mind. Check out their celebratory video. After the opening montage of music, the stories will warm your heart.  The motto of the Yarmouth gallery is, “all of the arts for all of us.”



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