Barbara Waxman

Barbara Waxman
Barbara is an author, gerontologist, and leadership coach focused on adults at midlife and better. Her latest work is featured in The Middlescence Manifesto. She blogs for Thrive Global, Sixty & Me, Next Avenue, Forbes and

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Three Middlescent Stories and a Secret

Posted by Barbara Waxman on Aug 14, 2017 7:00:18 AM

As a coach and gerontologist, I’m constantly exposed to stories from the modern workplace.  Again and again, my clients tell me about the culture of ageism.  These days, it seems like anyone over 40 is made to believe that their best years are behind them, that it’s downhill from here.  That simply isn’t true.


What Would You Do with 30 Extra Years?

Posted by Barbara Waxman on Jul 21, 2017 8:06:35 AM

What Would You Do with 30 Extra Years? That’s the question posed to 3000 consumers in the Allianz Longevity Project, a research study focused on planning for the 30+ years created by the increased longevity we are experiencing today. This exciting study supports what I've been seeing with coaching clients over the past dozen years and is the first glimpse at how people are thinking about and approaching these additional years.

Is America Having a Midlife Crisis?

Posted by Barbara Waxman on Jul 5, 2017 8:51:51 AM

I was recently interviewed on Maryanne Live!, a radio show that asks experts for “insights and common-sense truths” about life. This time, it was Maryanne who delivered the most intriguing insight. She asked me:“Barbara, is America going through a midlife crisis?”


I hadn’t thought about it like that, but when I did, I realized Maryanne was on to something. No matter your politics, there’s no denying that our country has hit a rough patch. We’re acting out. We’re dreading an uncertain future. We’re struggling to find our place in the world, and struggling even more to figure out how we can make a difference.


Give Up Perfection and Try Gratitude: 3 Rules for Living Well

Posted by Barbara Waxman on Jun 4, 2017 7:32:31 AM

I’m a huge believer in the power of gratitude. I’ve worked with cancer survivors whose gratitude for life’s little and big gifts astounds me. And I’ve worked with people blessed with so much, yet stymied because everything isn’t just right. Regularly focusing on gratitude makes everyone happier. And happier people are most often those living lives of love, meaning and purpose. Brené Brown, one of my favorite storyteller/researchers has worked on this very subject and has found that the happiest people actively think about things they are grateful for. They don’t wait for everything to be just right.


Dating at Midlife: What You Need to Know

Posted by Barbara Waxman on May 17, 2017 12:47:19 PM


There seem to be two types of people when it comes to dating in midlife: those who are the proverbial kid, having fun while looking for the pony in the pile of… well you know what, and those who consider dating to be a necessary evil to be avoided, sometimes at all costs.