Dr. Henry Mahncke

Dr. Henry Mahncke
Dr. Mahncke is the CEO of Posit Science-BrainHQ. Posit Science helps people be at their best throughout their lives by providing brain-training exercises clinically proven to improve cognitive performance. BrainHQ is an online brain-training system that represents the culmination of 30 years of research in neurological science and related medicine. It was designed by an international team of neuroscientists, led by Michael Merzenich, a professor emeritus in neurophysiology, a member of the National Academy of Sciences, co-inventor of the cochlear implant, and Kavli Prize laureate.

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A Vote of Confidence for Brain Training

Posted by Dr. Henry Mahncke on Oct 10, 2017 12:43:18 PM

Sometimes when I read science news, it seems as though the world is moving incredibly quickly. I see stories about gene editing, stem cells and cloning…and I think, “What a time to be alive!” But usually just a bit later, I read more science news, and it seems like the world is moving incredibly slowly. We still suffer from genetic diseases, like cystic fibrosis; stem cells haven’t cured Parkinson’s yet; and nobody has cloned me yet to enable me to keep up with all my email.