Sherri Snelling

Sherri Snelling
Sherri Snelling, CEO and founder of the Caregiving Club, is author of A Cast of Caregivers – Celebrity Stories to Help You Prepare to Care. A nationally recognized expert on America’s 65 million family caregivers with special emphasis on how to help caregivers balance “self care” while caring for a loved one, Sherri is the former chairman of the National Alliance for Caregiving and is currently at work on her next book called The C-A-R-E Conversations – How to Communicate About Caregiving.

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Let the Caregiver Movement Begin with the Caregiver Bill of Rights

Posted by Sherri Snelling on Jul 17, 2017 2:21:21 PM

Celebrating American independence brings to mind how dependent we are on our nation’s 65 million caregivers. Over the next 20+ years, the next civil rights issue we will face is a growing older population with more loved ones needing care as they age—whether diagnosed with a disease, disorder or living with a disability. There is a great need to recognize and support family caregivers, as they are our nation’s largest volunteer healthcare workforce. Particularly during July’s National Sandwich Generation Month, we celebrate those who are juggling children, career and caregiving for an older parent.