Sue Ronnenkamp

Sue Ronnenkamp
Sue has a Masters in Health Care Administration and has been speaking, writing, and teaching about aging in all the right ways for over 20 years. She continues to serve as a navigational guide and “age well” coach and advocate, writes about “Rethinking Aging” for local and national publications, and recently completed a THRIVE series (15 mini-guides available on Amazon for Kindle) for Baby Boomers and beyond. She's also a happy and grateful home-sharer, along with being a proud Colorado resident after moving to the Denver area this summer. She loves sharing her seasoned knowledge, wisdom and experience – and connecting with Agers (like her) who want to THRIVE and live empowered for live.

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Keys for Connected Living

Posted by Sue Ronnenkamp on Dec 18, 2018 11:56:56 AM

The following is an excerpt from a series called "Rethinking Aging" from speaker, writer, and aging specialist, Sue Ronnenkamp. Sue recently facilitated our Community Kickoff Event in Westminster and Arvada, CO, and used this as a handout for the attendees.