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Jul 12, 2022

Feathering the Nest: A Look at Silvernest's Brand Refresh

Christine Ramirez

When faced with uncertainty, it can be helpful to focus our energy on things we can control. It’s why some of us work on organizing our home when we’re faced with a stressful life event or waiting for news of a big decision. The twists and turns of the...

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Sue Ronnenkamp

After deciding to homeshare again when she moved to CO from PA in 2018, Sue became a Silvernest housemate. She is a homesharing pro, having lived with non-family members every decade of her adult life and acted as both host and renter at different times. Sue believes more wholeheartedly today than ever that TOGETHER IS BETTER!  She has worked in the aging services field for over 20 years and loves educating and coaching Baby Boomers about aging well. She also hosted community-building events for Silvernest and is a big fan of this homesharing platform. 

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