Wendi Burkhardt

Wendi Burkhardt
To Silvernest CEO Wendi Burkhardt, home is where the big ideas are. Wendi has decades of experience uniting strategy and technology to build success for everyone from venture startups and rapid-growth tech firms to Fortune 500 corporations.

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What Does Wellness Really Mean?

Posted by Wendi Burkhardt on Jun 2, 2017 10:12:10 AM

Wellness has become a buzzword for a lot of the different aspects of our lives. We thought it was time to unpack the concept and let some experts weigh in on how we create the best life possible, regardless of our age. There is so much information out there about health, food, exercise, sleep and what to do and what not to do – and it seems to change every day!


Are We in a Second Adolescence?

Posted by Wendi Burkhardt on May 6, 2017 3:16:00 PM

One of the gifts of longevity is adding new years of life that transform every life stage. For example, young people are taking longer to complete college and find careers. If they will live to 100 or older, what’s the rush? Of the 30+ years life expectancy our life expectancy has increased, many will be mid-life. As an increasingly mid-life world, we are grappling with questions about where we want to live, how long we will work, what kind of work we want to do and who we want in our lives.


Welcome to Silvernest

Posted by Wendi Burkhardt on Apr 20, 2016 1:00:56 AM

Welcome to Silvernest. We're so glad you're here. Silvernest is an online homesharing service for adults age 50+. Homeowners earn extra income, housemates reduce housing expenses and both gain companionship.