Books for the Nest: The Third Journey

Posted by Silvernest Team on Aug 8, 2017 6:49:18 PM

Book Review

The Third Journey: Marking the Most of Your Life After Work

Most of us don’t have time to think about our real retirement. You know, that period when there is NO work. For when we are ready to consider what this stage of life is going to look like, William Storie and Robin Trimingham have created a roadmap for making the most of our life – post work.

Most retirement self-help books focus on the financial aspects of retirement – a key component of successfully retiring; Storie and Trimingham take this further to explore the emotional, physical, and psychological issues as well. They want to help us look at the fears we have about the idea of retirement – loss of work, downsizing, living on a fixed income and so much more.

Because we are living longer lives, the authors have a defined a third phase of life – moving from childhood through adulthood into “Olderhood.” They view this not as a period of old age and loneliness, but as a new, fulfilling time of life where we can reinvent ourselves to embrace this new life stage. The key is having a realistic plan and set of expectations.

The Third Journey: Marking the Most of Your Life After Work is a comprehensive discussion of every aspect of later life, after work, plus a toolbox for creating the life you’ve earned. Topics include: Your First Year; The Fear of Change; The Impacts of Aging – health, money, mortality, dating; Health & Diet/Exercise; Financial Plans and Documents; and Quality of Life – plus much more.

Retirement may be far in the future for you. But as the authors say, having a sound plan can make this stage of life more fulfilling and rewarding. If you are looking for perspective on retirement and a positive, smart approach to your plan, let The Third Journey be your guidebook.


The Third Journey is available on Amazon.



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