Boomers Rock Talks about the ‘Shared Economy’

Posted by Silvernest Team on Jun 5, 2017 10:23:08 PM

B52’s look alike winner Wendi Burkhardt (Cindy Wilson) and a super cool lady joins us from Denver, and lights up our airwaves with an awesome show. Encouraging people to live better, longer, and with friends, sounds pretty fantastic right!


Thinking about homesharing or a roommate? That's what Silvernest does, and you can hear the whole story and plan right here with the CEO Wendi Burkhardt. The power of the sharing economy is strong and only going to improve your quality of life.


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Like an Airbnb, Silvernest is a service for us who plan to live over a hundred. If you have extra space some in your house, are looking for a housemate of want extra income or make a little extra cash, look no further!



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