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Experts in Aging: Retirement Revolution with Dorian Mintzer (Video)

While we can plan for many of life's changes, such as children going off to college or a spouse retiring, others are entirely unplanned—and can be very painful as a result. Dr. Dorian Mintzer, expert coach, therapist, author, speaker and founder of, says we can take comfort in knowing that we become more resilient, experienced and capable as we age—contrary to what our cultural myths may tell us.


In the latest installment of our Experts in Aging interview series, we spoke to Dr. Mintzer about living with purpose and making the most of our time on Earth. Watch her interview below.


Retirement Revolution



After nearly drowning in a kayaking accident in her early 20s, Dr. Mintzer vowed not to take life for granted or delay working toward important goals. This perspective led her to a career helping others make the most of their own lives by discovering their gifts, living with purpose and contributing to the greater good. 


One of her tips is to put as much energy into preparing our social lives for retirement as we put into preparing our finances. Parenting and working life both naturally lead to social connections—with other parents, co-workers, neighbors, etc. Retirement, on the other hand, can naturally lead to social isolation. Later life tends to require a more intentional approach to community.


What major transitions have you made in your life? How have recent transitions impacted you differently from those you experienced when you were younger? What steps have you taken to create a connection in your life, and what has worked best?


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