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Experts in Aging: What's Next for Me? with Jeff Tidwell (Video)

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Boomers are evolving their post-50 lives through new work, a new purpose or new social contributions. Next For Me is an organization created to support older adults through this evolution, and its founder Jeff Tidwell joined our latest Experts in Aging interview to discuss thriving in later life. Watch the preview of Jeff's interview below or click the button to access the full version.


What's Next For Me?


According to Tidwell, Baby Boomers are motivated, enthusiastic and energized—but sometimes, “we get in our own way.” One of the most prominent challenges is reluctance or hostility towards technology.


According to Tidwell, however, adapting to technology is simply part of living in the world today—no matter how old you are. To support the associated learning curve, Next For Me provides resources for older adults on topics such as (re)entering the job market and using social media.


What are your concerns as you enter into a new phase of work, activity or volunteering? What aspect of our technology-heavy world is most concerning to you or someone you love? How would you organize a clear, simple and relatable technology guide for Boomers?


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