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Experts in Aging: Solo Aging with Sara Zeff Geber (Video)

In the latest installment of our Experts in Aging interview series, we spoke with Dr. Sara Zeff Geber, founder of LifeEncore and an expert on solo aging and retirement transitions. Watch her interview below.



Many of us are fortunate to have a support system of family and loved ones, but there is an increasing number of "solo agers" with little or no support. According to Dr. Geber, these folks need a more robust form of retirement help—which is the focus of her organization, LifeEncore.


According to Dr. Geber, almost 20% of Boomers (about 15 million individuals) have no children. An even greater number have children they can’t count for support due to distance, relationship strain or lack of resources. Solo aging is a sizable and growing issue.


According to Dr. Geber, social connection is the most important factor for thriving in our later years, followed closely by finances. She encourages Boomers to find social support networks to keep stay engaged and healthy.


Have you joined any groups with the specific intention of staying connected during your retirement years? How have these groups have been helpful? Have you noticed any differences between solo agers and people with a well-established social group?



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