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Finding a Compatible Housemate: The First 10 Things to Consider

Intrigued by homesharing but wondering how to find a housemate you can trust, get along with and perhaps even become friends?

The truth is, as with any relationship, the definition of a good housemate is entirely subjective and very personal. That means the number one thing to look for in a housemate is alignment. Whatever your personal preferences and perspective, look for someone who is aligned with most or all of them—especially with those that are most important to you.


Start by asking yourself some straightforward questions and really mull over which issues are must-haves, which ones are nice-to-haves and which ones are deal-breakers. Our handy list of ten initial considerations can help.

Top Ten Considerations for Homesharing Compatibility

The Basics

1. Am I comfortable with a housemate of any gender?
2. What about age — would I prefer a peer, someone older or someone younger? Does it matter?

3. Am I willing to live with a family/multiple housemates, or an individual only?

4. What financial arrangement am I looking for with a housemate?

5. Would I want my housemate to provide any around-the-house help? This might include help with home maintenance or yard work, driving to doctor appointments, etc.

6. What do I want out of my personal relationship with my housemate? Would I prefer a strictly-business kind of relationship or more friendship/companionship?


Personal Habits

7. What are my expectations around smoking, drinking and/or drug use in and around the home?

8. What are my pet peeves and personal quirks that could affect a housemate? If you'd like to consider their perspective,'s article on the matter is a good place to reference.


Daily Schedule

9. How might my work or volunteer schedule affect a housemate? What about a housemate’s job or volunteer hours? You may not be willing, for example, to share space with someone who works the night shift and comes in late at night.


10. What are your sleep schedule and habits? How do you feel about a housemate’s sleep schedule and habits? Let’s say you’re a night owl and like to stay up past midnight. A housemate who’s an early bird might be a poor fit for you.


Silvernest’s roommate matching technology makes the whole process of finding a compatible housemate a lot easier. Simply create a profile and answer a few questions about yourself, your property and what you’re looking for in a housemate. The Silvernest software uses the answers you provide to match you with compatible potential housemates in your area. You’ll be able to see how closely you match with each candidate—up to one hundred percent!


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