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Four Benefits of Intergenerational Living

Here at Silvernest, we are seeing more and more successful pairings spanning the generations. Initially many of our homeowners gravitate to someone of similar same age, gender and personality. But they are pleasantly surprised when they expand their options to different generations, either younger or older.


We were never made to remain in small circles of the nuclear family or just with people our age—rather we were meant to live in a village—with many generations here and there creating purpose, joy and connection.


There are so many reasons it's beneficial to bring someone from a different generation into your home. Here are just a few:

  • Engaging with other generations keeps us fresh and exposed to a side of life we may not otherwise see.

  • Experience and energy is a great combination! Many of our homeowners who have younger roommates have said they enjoy sharing their professional experience and hobbies.

  • Sometimes intergenerational roommates report less friction or power struggles.

  • It is fun to learn from one another and expands out world-view!

Kathy, a Silvernest homeowner in her late 50s, took in a roommate in his late 20s. She says, “He has been the best roommate I have ever had—we cook, work in the garden and he has been fixing up my garage. I love it.”


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