Tips for Creating Your First "Friendsgiving"

Posted by Silvernest Team on Nov 21, 2016 3:38:54 PM


It is that time of year again! For some, Thanksgiving it is a relaxing and joyful affair. For others, it can be a reminder of painful relationships, losses or loneliness. Nearly half (47%) of women age 65+ now live alone, an increase of 96% since 1970. If you're one of the many baby boomers flying solo, why not start a “Friendsgiving" tradition? 


Tips for Creating Your Own "Friendsgiving"

1. Keep it simple and informal.

Choose a day later in the week, invite a few friends, neighbors and colleagues, and encourage them to bring friends as well. Forget the china: paper plates will do just fine, and anyone under age 50 can sit on the floor. A typical Friendsgiving is pot-luck style—nothing fancy and no politics allowed. Light a few candles, open a few bottles of wine, put on some music and enjoy.


2. Branch out.

The beauty of a Friendsgiving holiday is the chance to come together with people we care about and share a lovely and long lasting meal. After all, one of the best remedies for loneliness is contact. Human beings were not meant to thrive in isolation, and the holidays can become a great excuse to engage. Friendsgiving is a great way to get to know neighbors you don't know very well.


3. Think positive.

If you're concerned it may seem strange to invite someone after years of knowing them, know that there's no better time! Many people are also flying solo and would be thrilled to receive an invitation. With a spirit of “the more the merrier,” those barriers become easier to breakdown.


4. Rinse and repeat!

Let's bring the true spirit of friendship and gratitude of Thanksgiving or "Friendsgiving" into life as often as possible. Fill your home with sounds, footsteps, laughter and clanking dishes as often as you can. If you find you love the company, you may even decide to empty out that extra bedroom and find a housemate!


Silvernest was designed to help those living alone to explore homesharing and match with compatible housemates. Not only does this help pay mounting bills with extra income, life can suddenly become lighter, easier and more fun. For some, it is a type of “Friendsgiving” every day.


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