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Helping Youth Leaders and Seniors Build a Stronger San Jose

Silvernest, Encore and Service Year Alliance are partnering to bring affordable housing to young people committed to a service year in San Jose, California!


Service year corps members commit to spending a year working full-time on causes they care about, including education, the environment, disaster relief, health care, and more. Service Year has bold plans to recruit, place and deploy 1,000 service year corps members throughout the city, with a primary focus on education programs serving at-risk populations and communities. 


A service year can be spent after high school, while in college, or after finishing college. Depending on their service year position, service year corps members generally receive a modest living allowance of $1,000-$2,000 per month—usually less if housing is provided. In San Jose, the average apartment rents for $2,701 per month, making it difficult for service year corps members to afford to live in San Jose on the service year stipend. These service year corps members serve with multiple programs and nonprofit organizations and work to make an impact across the city. 


Making Housing More Affordable for Service Year Members and San Jose Seniors 

Silvernest has teamed up with Service Year Alliance and to offer service year corps members—and local seniors—the advantages of homesharing. Many homeowners in San Jose have space to share at rates well below market rental prices. Through this innovative partnership, these homeowners can connect with service year corps members in need of affordable housing. Participating homeowners receive extra income and companionship, along with the satisfaction of supporting young people who are working to strengthen their community. 


As San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo put it, "Service years can be a powerful pathway for youth to gain skills, improve their community, and advance their careers. Imagine how we could transform San Jose with a renewed culture of service — one in which we all embrace our role as stewards for our neighborhoods… our youth… our earth…”


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