Homesharing in Florida: Why the Sunshine State is Ripe for Shared Housing

Posted by Lisa Smith on Feb 12, 2019 11:26:42 AM



Although most of us want to stay in our homes as we age, it can become harder as the years pass. Our children move on and out, our yard and home maintenance is never-ending, and the house seems larger and quieter. With Florida hosting nearly a quarter of the retirement-aged population in America, homesharing is a natural solution for the Sunshine State.  


Why Homesharing for Florida? 

With seven million people over the age of 60 expected to call Florida home in the coming years and four million Floridians supporting a post-retirement-age family member or friend, there’s a large and growing need to get creative with housing and community engagement. Homesharing through Silvernest is a simple, secure solution to support Floridians aging in place (not to mention the friends and family invested in their wellbeing).


Homesharing for Income, Around-the-House Help, and Social Good 

Florida homeowners can use their largest asset—their homes— to bring in extra income, get help around the house, and fill some of those empty rooms with compatible housemates.   


Bringing a housemate into your home can brighten it with new energy, and even create a positive community impact. Many homeowners choose to homeshare to provide a more affordable, secure housing option to hardworking students, teachers, public servants, and young professionals in their community.  


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It’s not all philanthropy, though! A housemate can be the extra set of hands around the home that makes staying home manageable, not overwhelming. By matching homeowners and renters based on compatibility—including the option to accept/pay reduced rent in exchange for help around the house—Silvernest allows both parties to create an arrangement that benefits and works for them. Homeowners across the US are using Silvernest to supplement their income an average $10,000 per year by renting out their spare rooms. At the same time, renters save an average $9,000 per year by homesharing rather than paying market rent rates.  


Silvernest and SoFIA: Partnering to Educate Floridians on Homesharing 

Like compatible housemates, homesharing and Florida are a match made in heaven. For all the reasons above, the Sunshine State is particularly well positioned to benefit from homesharing—and the first step is equipping homeowners with the knowledge they need to determine if homesharing is right for them. Silvernest and the South Florida Institute on Aging (SoFIA), a nonprofit focused on empowering people as they age with services, insights and education, recently announced a partnership focused on providing exactly that kind of knowledge.  


You can learn more about the partnership here and reach out to to get involved. 


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