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A Homesharing Program to Give Colorado Educators Affordable Housing

Silvernest and Teach For America partnered to bring affordable housing to educators in Colorado!


Earlier this year, CNN published a story exploring the income crisis faced by Colorado teachers. The story profiled teachers who drive for Lyft, live out of friends’ basements, take on side hustles and sacrifice savings to pursue the profession they love.


The average annual salary for teachers in Colorado is just $22,700 in rural areas and $32,000 in urban areas. That means  their rent would have to be under $500 to not be "housing-burdened". Currently, Colorado is ranked 49th in the nation for competitive salaries among teachers, and the state is feeling the impact. In 2016 alone, enrollment in Colorado teacher preparatory programs declined by a staggering 24%, according to Colorado Succeeds.


What Can Be Done? Community-Based Solutions for Teacher Housing

Salaries and affordable housing can be addressed through systemic policy change, which often take years to implement. Fortunately, communities can support the teachers who bring such value to them. One of those is homesharing.


Silvernest and Teach for America (TFA) Colorado partnered to demonstrate the value of homesharing for teachers and communities.



“I feel so grateful to be living in a community where my neighbors are willing to support teaches like me in achieving our dreams. And I think that is a really wonderful thing”

- Sooyoung Matthews, 22, incoming Colorado Elementary School Educator

By opening your home to local teachers, you open the door to opportunity—not just for these teachers but for the whole classroom.


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