How Do I Protect My Parents on Silvernest? (Video)

Posted by Silvernest Team on May 10, 2019 1:37:23 PM


For many adult daughters and sons, the idea of Mom or Dad renting out a room in their home to an unknown person is concerning, to say the least. This is not unreasonable—they have likely heard about (or personally experienced) horror stories of questionable roommates from sites like Craigslist. What if the housemate is untrustworthy? What if they take advantage of my mom's generous heart? What if they are careless with my dad's prized collections?


The truth is, these are often the risks of listing a room for rent. On traditional platforms there's no mechanism for screening potential housemates. There's no security layer. Silvernest is different, designed to prioritize your family's security and homesharing experience with our compatibility-based matching system. Here's how:


Video: How Silvernest Protects Users




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How Silvernest works


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