How Silvernest Helps Keep You, Your Personal Information and Your Home Secure

Posted by Silvernest Team on Jan 13, 2020 12:33:04 PM

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Security and trust are essential components of a happy homesharing relationship. Living with another person means getting up close and personal, which is why Silvernest is built with security and compatibility in mind. Here’s a list of seven ways Silvernest puts your security front and center. 



Identity verification for each user

Each Silvernester’s first and last name, phone number and birthday are cross-referenced with public records before their listing or profile is made active on the website. That means that every single Silvernest user you could potentially match with has been screened to ensure that they aren’t misrepresenting who they are. It also means that we’re free from bot listings and accounts—everyone here is a real human ready to share a home.


Secure, password-authenticated profiles

All Silvernest users have secure account profiles that require a password to sign in. Your personal data is stored securely in the Silvernest system, and we’ll never share your information without your permission.


Trusted and secure third-party payment processing

We use a best-in-class third-party system for processing credit and debit card payments, so your payment info is never stored on our servers.


Private and encrypted messaging

All messaging within the Silvernest online platform is private and SSL-encrypted. This means that any text, images, videos or locations shared are kept between you and the person you’re messaging. You can also exchange messages without revealing your name or any other personal information.


Background screens

After you've decided to contact a potential housemate, you have the option to request a background check—and we strongly encourage you to do so. We use an industry-leading third party to process background screens. Each one covers:

  • National and county criminal records
  • Eviction history
  • Civil records search
  • Global watch list search
  • Sex offender registry search
  • Social Security number verification


Lease creator

It’s always a good idea to protect yourself by putting your lease terms in writing. Use our simple, state-specific lease creator to build a lease based on the terms you and your housemate agree to. 

Want even more protection? Create a homesharing agreement—a set of guidelines for how you and your housemate will use shared spaces, divide household responsibilities, resolve conflicts and anything else you want to document. Learn more about how to make a homesharing arrangement work for you here.



After you've found "the one" to homeshare with, Silvernest makes it a no-brainer to protect yourself and your belongings from accidental damage. When you set up rent auto-pay through Silvernest, insurance coverage for the home and the housemate's belongings kicks in automatically—there's no separate enrollment process and no deductible if you ever need to make a claim. Learn more about how it works here.

* Please refer to the insurance policy for further details


Any questions? We’re happy to help! Please reach out to us through our website chatbox or via email at Thanks, and happy homesharing!

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