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Is Homesharing Right for You? Three Questions to Ask Yourself

Today there are a staggering 40 million adults over age 50 who live alone. Think of it. This has never happened before in our history as a species. Remember going to the grandparents house as kids, and the house was FULL of people? Aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors coming over for coffee in the morning and playing cards with cocktails after supper. The home was a place filled with ringing doorbells and ringing telephones, slamming doors and laughter galore.


Now? Not so much. Many empty nesters have to get on a plane to see their kids or grandkids. Neighbors don’t drop by (somehow it has become rude to do so) and many folks don’t like to answer the phone.  Lack of a support system is leaving a lot of perfectly healthy and capable older adults who are working, semi-retired, or retired feeling isolated and alone.  It is weird kind of silent solitude only punctuated by the sound of the Anderson Cooper on the television for company.


Medical studies have shown this new-fangled isolation late in life puts our health at high risk: greater than smoking, diabetes or obesity. Like the famous rhesus monkey who failed to thrive, humans require company and community to remain healthy and happy.


If you own a home, and have an empty bedroom in your house; the concept of bringing in a compatible housemate may be a novel idea.  Yet, why not? It was completely common years ago - so why not now?


Three Questions to Determine if Homesharing Is Right for You


1. Could you use some extra money every month?

Homesharing provides a valuable income stream for homeowners and major rent savings for renters. On the Silvernest platform, the average annual income/savings is $9,500. Many homeowners even choose to reduce monthly rent in exchange for help around the house, with the yard, petsitting, etc. 


2. Is your house a little too quiet?

Finding a compatible housemate can bring a little life back into a lonely house. Housemates Kathy and Sandy show how homesharing allows companionship and independence simultaneously: 





3. Is housemate screening important to you?  

Although you could surely find someone to homeshare with on any number of websites, you will be responsible for the heavy lifting of screening candidates, identifying those who might be compatible with your lifestyle, and checking references for security. Silvernest membership includes all these services and more—match with potential housemates based on your profile, message securely and even request renter background screens through the platform.


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