Three New Online Tools Help Multi-Generations Stay Connected

Posted by Silvernest Team on Jul 6, 2016 2:17:02 PM

By  Kimmie Greene, Silvernest Communications,

My mother once declared, “I don’t want to see your pictures on Facebook, I want Mom Book!” Translation? My mom wanted a preview of my pictures for her to review first before I posted them to Facebook. And as my mother, she preferred to check out the photos in a way that was tailored just for her, not as part of a shared experience with my college friends, work colleagues, other day care moms … and the list goes on.

Albeit unrealistic, it’s a fair request. In fact, I truly wish I had more time to pull together images and share stories from our daily lives to make sure my parents don’t miss out on family news, including the latest updates from their grand children. Of course, the hardest part is fitting it in, especially when we’re already communicating on so many different platforms – from phone to email, text, Skype and yes, my mother’s personal nemesis Facebook.

The good news is that beyond social media, technology has created some easy-to-use tools to help multi-generational families span the miles. I recently came across Keepy during the Aging 2.0 Global Startup Search event in San Francisco and have come across a few other online resources that may help you and your loved ones stay connected across town or around the world:

Keepy is the online equivalent of the refrigerator door, offering a free app to archive and share family memories, including artwork, schoolwork, photos, videos, mementos and more. Approximately 30% of its users are Baby Boomers with many eager to check out the latest updates from younger generations. Keepy makes it possible not only to admire pictures and videos, but also share cheers and praise for budding artists.

ARTKIVE is another family app using technology to help keep memories alive for years to come. As a parent, our kitchen counters fill up quickly with the kids’ latest creations and they aren’t always easy to pack up and send along for the grand parents to check out. With the ARTKIVE app, parents take pictures to capture and store kids’ artwork, and then its easy to bring the memories back to life in a number of other customizable options – from books (think one for each year), prints, phone/tablet cases, blankets and even a shower curtain.

Kindoma: Who says you have to miss out on tender moments? Kindoma makes it possible to read, draw or play together via video call or messaging. The Kindoma video calling or messaging app takes Messenger or Facetime to a new level; by allowing loved ones to interact in the moment. While we would all love more face-to-face time, when a hug just isn't possible, Kindoma makes sure that we don't miss the tender moments.

As technology evolves, it can be challenging to stay connected with younger generations. Check out these tools to talk to your kids and your grandkids, and let us know your experience. We’re all eager to learn how things work (better) and what "life hacks" they’ll come up with next!



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