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Found a Roommate? Here's How to Get Your House Ready.

So you’ve made the decision to share your house, but now you need to get it ready. If you don't know how to get started, you are not alone.


4 Tips to Prepare Your Nest for Sharing

1. Assess the room you want to rent.

Take a look at the space—is it large enough for someone to live in? Is there a closet or room for shelves and a dresser? Would you want to keep your furniture, or are you open to your roommate bringing in their own furniture?

2. Determine what areas you will designate as shared space and which ones are private.

Imagine if you were the one renting, and walk around with new eyes: is there a space to relax and watch TV? Is there a place to hang coats and shoes when coming in the door? Determine what areas are to share, what space is for your roommate, and areas that are private for you.


3. Think through how you'll share the kitchen.

Will the kitchen be shared? Is there a small bar area that can double as a secondary kitchen? Since the kitchen is often the center of the house, take some time to think through your preferences beforehand. If you are sharing the kitchen, think about carving out some space for your roommate to put their own food in the refrigerator, as well as a cupboard space for non-perishable food, and a cupboard to put their own cups, plates, etc.  You may be surprised how easy it is to clear random items, put them in the garage and viola—space for your new roommate.


4. Determine how much you'll charge in monthly rent.

Take a look online at other rental properties and shared spaces being advertised in your area. Get a sense of the current pricing for renting out a single bedroom, a full basement, furnished rooms versus non-furnished, etc. This will help you determine a price.


Planning ahead and setting expectations will help you and your new roommate adjust to one another. Sharing a home is very intimate and personal, and going into it with a positive attitude and good intentions goes a long way to making it a successful experience.


Learn more about homesharing at We're creating the next generation of roommates. A more modern kind. A well-matched kind. A kind that’s just your style.


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