Mother's Day: Thoughts on Homesharing for Mom

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Mother's Day is a day to honor the mother figures in our lives. Yours may be near, far or no longer with us. She may be your mother-in-law or your grandmother, or part of your chosen family. Whoever the mother figure is in your life, we hope you'll celebrate her this weekend and reflect on the power of that relationship. 

At Silvernest, we get to see the beautiful bond between moms and their children on a daily basis. Many adult daughters and sons are involved in—or at least anxiously watching—their parents' decision to homeshare. These grown-up kids want only the best for their mothers, and understandably have questions and hesitations about the idea of Mom bringing "a stranger" into her house. 


Is Homesharing Right for My Mom? 

The power of the Silvernest community is that we don't want Mom to bring a stranger into her house, either. Every user on the platform has been verified (no robots or trolls, please), and users match with each other based on compatibility. They can message and get to know each other, and even request a background screen for extra peace of mind. By the time a homeowner and housemate have agreed to homeshare, we find that they really aren't strangers any more. 


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Stories from Silvernest Moms and Mother Figures

Here are some sweet stories from Silvernester moms and mother figures. 

 eileen-and-jeanne“At first, my son was concerned about me homesharing, but since he’s seen what a gift it’s been for me to have Jeanne as a housemate, he embraces the idea. She and I have become sweet friends, and our initial 6-month lease has extended over a year. I’d be happy if she wanted to stay indefinitely. We share time together and we share stories, but we also respect each other’s need for independence. It’s been so lovely to have a friend in my home. If Jeanne ever decides to move out, I would happily use Silvernest again. Their system makes the whole process safe and easy."

- Eileen, Silvernester


birgit-1"My roommate and I have had a successful shared experience for almost one year now. In fact, her son teaches mine guitar and she was the officiant at my daughter's wedding very recently. It's been a very good arrangement for us both."

- Birgit, Silvernester 



cece-and-family-1"Since we don’t have family in Colorado, I was passionate about finding a housemate who could help with cooking, cleaning and caregiving for our children in exchange for reduced rent.

Terie, who is semi-retired, turned out to be a perfect match! Our kids now have a built-in loving and mature grandmother type to look up to, and Terie says she’s energized by living with us! A win-win."

- Cece, Silvernester 


In fact, the idea that started Silvernest came out of our CEO Wendi's devotion to her own mother. "My mother was my inspiration throughout my life," she says. "After my father died, she had a housemate during her transition, and she became a Silvernester! As our Silvernest family grows, I'm inspired by the many moms who continue to open their homes and build new friendships with their housemates."


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