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Envisioning Your Ideal Housemate: Must-Haves vs. Can't-Live-Withs

Friend of Silvernest Annamarie Pluhar has been homesharing for twenty years and now helps housemates with expert tips and advice through her website, Below are her tips for determining what you want in a housemate and identifying the characteristics that will make or break the relationship. 


How to Identify Your Must-Haves

When you start thinking about living with a home-mate, it’s very important that you consider what you must have and what you can’t live with in your home.


A "must-have" is a physical thing or a behavior that is essential for you to live cosharing housing bookmfortably in your home. A "can’t live-with" is a behavior or physical element that would make you too uncomfortable to put up with. Some obvious categories are habits like smoking, alcohol use, recreational drugs and pets. You may have your own unique preferences as well.

Understanding your must-haves and can’t-live-withs will help you when talking to potential housemates. If the person doesn’t fit, it's okay to say "no" and move on. You deserve to be comfortable in your home.


Want to learn more? Check out Annamarie's guide to finding and keeping good housemates


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