Are you ready to join the gig economy?

Posted by Silvernest Team on Aug 5, 2017 11:40:05 AM

Targeting Older Workers

Los Angeles-based Tengia connects seasoned workers to opportunities in industries they know well. Whether you miss having a place to make a contribution each day or need a paycheck, the goal of the company is to connect older workers with meaningful work.



At WAHVE, they are bridging the gap in the insurance industry – matching experienced talent who are ready for the pre-retirement step of working from home – with insurance companies’ needs for experienced employees. This includes reimagining what the worker needs to succeed in this environment and the creation of proprietary software to support workers and the companies who employee them.


WAHVE provides opportunities for pre-retiring and retiring professionals to extend their careers in the industry. It’s a win-win because insurance companies need highly skilled professionals. Tengia believes America’s workers over the age of 65 represent a rich resource that is literally hiding in plain sight.


Recent Pew Research Center analysis clearly shows that more people over 65 are working than at any other time since the turn of the century. This is a contrast to the overall adult population as a whole, as employment has still not reached pre-recession levels. These numbers will continue to rise as the baby boom generation ages.


Other Job Sites for Gig Work

Freelancers Union found in a recent study that 69% of self-employed workers find that technology makes finding freelance and consulting gigs simpler. Today’s freelance workers focus on sites like Fivrr, Upwork, and Toptal to find consistent work.


Nation 1099, the gig economy forum for freelancers and solopreneurs, publishes and updates lists of the best sites to find jobs. There are many platforms emerging you can put your profile on and people get overwhelmed by the options. Plus, you don’t want to invest a lot of time in a platform that isn’t going to make it.


Here is Nation 1099’s Best of:

-Best New Freelance Websites

-Best Freelance Websites by Industry

-Best Long-standing Freelance Websites

They also publish the Best Marketplaces for Freelance Consulting Jobs. Nation 1099 is also a terrific resource for tax information, issues like how to charge and be paid, and best practices. Regardless of how you find your work, be sure you consult with your tax person on your obligations for withholding and paying taxes. Many people leaving corporate positions forget to account for healthcare costs. So if you are not yet Medicare-eligible, do your research on plans available in your geography.


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