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Senior Room Sharing with Silvernest on the TODAY Show

While renting out space in your home might get you into a lease, homesharing can give you a new lease on life. Denver residents Eileen and Jeanne discovered many unexpected benefits of co-housing when they signed up for Silvernest and found each other. “I’ve never lived with someone so interested in my life,” says Eileen. “It’s lovely to have a friend in the home. I’d be happy if Jeanne stayed indefinitely.”


You can also learn more about their story in this TODAY® segment!

Why We Love Homesharing with Silvernest

Eileen and Jeanne used the Silvernest platform to indicate their preferences for a housemate and find one another based on compatibility. Eileen, 74, owns a home and was looking for companionship. Jeanne, 55, was recently divorced and looking for the same. They got companionship…and a lot more. Here are some of the top benefits of homesharing, according to Eileen and Jeanne. 



By homesharing, Eileen and Jeanne have formed a stronger bond than either could have expected. The two love to spend time together in the morning over coffee or at the end of the workday with a glass of wine. Both naturally curious and independent, the two women teach and learn from one another, and genuinely enjoy each other’s company. “We've had parties inviting one another’s friends, and gotten to know each other’s families and loved ones,” says Jeanne.


Intergenerational Learning

Eileen and Jeanne’s 20-year age difference makes the homesharing relationship even more interesting for them both. Jeanne says she is constantly learning from Eileen’s decades of expertise in entrepreneurship and interpersonal communication, while Eileen enjoys Jeanne’s vitality, curiosity and sense of humor.


Freedom and Flexibility

Homesharing isn’t entirely about interpersonal connections. A big piece of the homesharing puzzle is convenience—having someone around to watch the pets when you travel, assist with maintaining the house, and of course help you earn or save money. “We are so similar in our needs—including our need for privacy—that we’re able to strike a really beneficial balance,” says Jeanne. There is no one way to homeshare, which is exactly why it’s such a positive choice for so many. Whatever kind of co-housing arrangement you envision, there are people out there looking for the same thing.


So what's the trick to a Home Sweet Shared Home®? As Eileen says, “homesharing is like any relationship—building trust is important. Be open, share what’s working not working, and make sure to give positive feedback.” You just might find your own surprising homesharing benefits!


Check out Eileen and Jeanne’s heartwarming story on TODAY, and let us know in the comments if you can see yourself creating a homesharing arrangement.


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