Share Your Story Podcast Episode 1: The Silver Wave with Karen Brown

Posted by Silvernest Team on Mar 20, 2019 9:40:15 AM



Did you hear? Silvernest has a podcast! Welcome to Share Your Story, a series of conversations with expert guests about issues affecting those over 50: retirement, housing, personal finance, friendships, activities and much more. Join Silvernest CEO Wendi Burkhardt and lifestyle and aging expert Patricia Raskin as they dive into topics that help boomers make smart decisions and live their best lives. Tune in for a non-technical look at these topics that touch us at every stage in life—and have fun and learn something new while you’re at it!


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Examining the Impact of the Silver Wave with Karen Brown

Seniors today are living longer than ever, and the number of Americans over 55 increases by 10,000 every day. How is this "Silver Wave" affecting our country’s aging population's access to affordable housing, companionship and financial stability? Karen Brown, CEO of Seniors Matter and a prominent aging advocate and expert, joins us to examine this phenomenon and offers advice for boomers navigating everyday challenges.


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