Share Your Story Podcast Episode 2: Housing Solutions with Barry Habib

Posted by Emily Reynolds on Apr 30, 2019 12:21:34 PM
Emily Reynolds


We are in the age of the Silver Wave, with 4 million Americans turning 65 every year and living longer than ever. These seniors (and those approaching senior status) are grappling with unprecedented housing questions: Should I stay in my house or sell it? Should I downsize? How can I age in place? Can I afford to stay in my home? Can I afford not to?


Barry Habib is a professional speaker, commentator, mortgage expert and top real estate forecaster. He joined our CEO Wendi Burkhardt and co-host Patricia Raskin for a special episode of the Share Your Story podcast investigating how our longer lifespans are impacting our housing choices and the housing market as a whole.

Listen at the link below, on iTunes, or wherever you get your podcasts. And let us know in the comments: what are your plans for your home as you age?

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