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Share Your Story Podcast Episode 4: Tips for Decluttering and Downsizing with Matt Paxton

Homesharing is increasingly popular among aging adults looking for some help around the house as well as extra income. Many seniors find that this new way of living also includes a wonderful new friendship. But first you may be wondering how to prepare your house for homesharing—where to start, how to really make space for another person, etc. 

You might remember extreme cleaning expert Matt Paxton from the TV show Hoarders. Recently, Matt was a guest on Silvernest’s Share Your Story podcast and he shared a fantastic idea for dealing with family pictures and photo albums when you’re making space for a housemate.

Here’s Matt Paxton’s Family Photo tip: For each grandchild, take 20 great photos and write out the stories that go along with them. Collect all the photos in a gallon-sized bag or a special envelope or box, and give them as gifts. You’ll be passing along precious family stories and memories to the next generation (and making room in your life for new ones). 


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