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Silvernesting: A Feature by CNBC's Jane Wells

As CNBC's Jane Wells reports, the latest boom in housing is the 50+ generation who are seeking roommates or housemates, particularly women. Some call it the “Golden Girls” effect—where living communally made a hit show; others call it a necessity as more women are aging as singles, whether by choice, divorce, or widowhood. Silvernest is filling an important gap in the marketplace, providing older adults a safe and simple way to find matches in their area.




The beauty of Silvernest is in the many reasons that people have for choosing shared housing. For homeowners, home sharing allows them to remain in the home they love, but leverage their extra space for income. Many, like Ephraim, enjoy the safety of having someone else in the home should an accident occur. Assistance in maintaining the home and pets is an often cited reason as well. Renters enjoy sharing homes in lovely established neighborhoods, companionship, and shared interests. And the Silvernest system provides services like background checks, rent collection and more to make the financial aspects of the agreement seamless and worry-free.


Silvernest recognizes that finding a roommate in your golden years is decidedly different than for someone in their 20s. Where younger people may jump quickly into roommate situations and discover problems down the road, older renters, like Kanaval, have the right idea. It is very important to talk about your shared interests, but it is also critical to know what your differences are and identify boundaries.


“We find that our homeowners and renters have the wisdom and life experience to sort out issues in their initial meetings,” says Wendi Burkhardt, CEO of Silvernest. “Our matching system does a great job of bringing the right people together.  Our services are designed to create a seamless, positive experience. The rest of what we call ‘silvernesting’ is personal chemistry!”


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