A Booming Workforce

Posted by Silvernest Team on Aug 2, 2017 12:33:22 PM

A recent Gallup poll found that 74% of adults plan to work past traditional retirement age. The majority, 63%, say they will work part time, while 11% say they will continue to work full time. Times have really changed – in 1995 only 14% planned to work past retirement. We are just beginning to see the intersection of the aging of the baby boom generation, the outcome of the recession, and the lack of retirement savings for a number of older adults.

Getting Real with Marie Osmond – Living Life on Her Terms

Posted by Silvernest Team on Jul 31, 2017 12:30:10 PM

By Lori Bitter, for Silvernest & GRAND Magazine

6 Retirement Misconceptions

Posted by Jerry Golden on Jul 31, 2017 9:43:09 AM

In an effort to keep things simple for people who are nervous about retirement – whether they are 42 or 62 – conventional planning strategies focus on how to save and invest money. If you save X amount and invest wisely you will live happily for N years. That is how retirement misconceptions begin.


What Would You Do with 30 Extra Years?

Posted by Barbara Waxman on Jul 21, 2017 8:06:35 AM

What Would You Do with 30 Extra Years? That’s the question posed to 3000 consumers in the Allianz Longevity Project, a research study focused on planning for the 30+ years created by the increased longevity we are experiencing today. This exciting study supports what I've been seeing with coaching clients over the past dozen years and is the first glimpse at how people are thinking about and approaching these additional years.

Let the Caregiver Movement Begin with the Caregiver Bill of Rights

Posted by Sherri Snelling on Jul 17, 2017 2:21:21 PM

As we celebrate American Independence this month, it brings to mind how dependent we are on our nation’s 65 million caregivers.  Over the next 20+ years, the next civil rights issue we will face is a growing older population with more loved ones needing care as they age-- whether diagnosed with a disease, disorder or living with a disability.  There is a great need to recognize and support family caregivers, as they are our nation’s largest volunteer healthcare workforce.  Particularly during July’s National Sandwich Generation Month, we celebrate those who are juggling children, career and caregiving for an older parent.


The Dignity of Risk

Posted by Kay Van Norman on Jul 15, 2017 9:54:27 AM

Two Elders in my life, Eldo and Harriet, taught me about the dignity of risk – one aspect of resilience and independence that is often overlooked as people age.  It’s far too common for well intentioned helpers to pressure older adults – especially those with functional challenges – into a safety bubble. The dignity of risk simply allows people regardless of age or functional ability to continue making the choice of how to live – how to balance personal risk with safety.


Financial Independence Means Having a Plan for Retirement Income

Posted by Jerry Golden on Jul 10, 2017 9:48:00 AM

Maintaining your financial independence throughout your life is dependent on the plans you make to create retirement income.


When you are working, you have to decide how much to put aside for your retirement savings account. You have to plan for your kids’ education, you plan for owning or renting your primary residence, and to take care of your insurance needs, plus a whole lot of other decisions.

Is America Having A Midlife Crisis?

Posted by Barbara Waxman on Jul 5, 2017 8:51:51 AM

I was recently interviewed on Maryanne Live!, a radio show that asks experts for “insights and common-sense truths” about life. Only this time, it was Maryanne who delivered the most intriguing insight. She asked me:


“Barbara, is America going through a midlife crisis?”

I hadn’t thought about it like that, and when I did, I realized Maryanne was onto something. No matter your politics, there’s no denying that our country has hit a rough patch. We’re acting out. We’re dreading an uncertain future.  We’re struggling to find our place in the world, and struggling even more to figure out how we can make a difference.


Maintaining Wellness During and After Divorce

Posted by Sandra Hughes on Jun 21, 2017 11:06:53 AM

Navigating a divorce is stressful and unpredictable.  Regular exercise and a healthy diet go a long way in managing our stress and making us feel a whole lot better in general. A grounding activity like yoga or Pilates is relaxing and helpful. Maintaining healthy habits and taking care of ourselves is vital during this uncertain time.


Aging Equals Frailty is Just a Myth

Posted by Kay Van Norman on Jun 13, 2017 6:51:33 PM

There has been an explosion of articles on how to help adults continue to “live in their own homes”. Many articles make a great case for the benefits of universal design, but I’m really bothered by their hidden undercurrent of negative expectations of aging. For example, rather than focusing on functional impairments regardless of age they heavily reference “golden years, senior access, barriers to seniors, and senior friendly”.  So along with helpful information about how to remain living in your home, is a large helping of the message that functional impairment is an unavoidable consequence of aging.