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Posted by Wendi Burkhardt on Apr 20, 2016 1:00:56 AM
Wendi Burkhardt


Welcome to Silvernest. We're so glad you're here. Silvernest is an online homesharing service for adults age 50+. Homeowners earn extra income, housemates reduce housing expenses and both gain companionship.

My name is Wendi Burkhardt, CEO and co-founder of Silvernest. In case you haven’t noticed lately, we are aging very quickly. By 2030, over 40% of our population—132 million people—will be over the age of 50, with 85 million individuals living on social security and fixed income.


Studies show the two topics which concern people most as they age are fear of isolation and fear of running out of money. Right now, 40 million Americans age 50+ live alone. And, did you know 40% of Americans age 65 or older have less than $50,000 in the bank? Very scary as more of us are getting ready to retire.


Home Sweet Shared Home®

Sharing your “nest” with a house mate brings warmth, life and company into a “too quiet” home. It creates much-needed income, decreases expenses, offers a sense of security and often makes life more fun. So many of us had roommates in our twenties. It was a great idea then, so why not now?

Do You Live Alone?

We know the idea of sharing a home may seem overwhelming and scary. That's why we’re here to help. We believe in making the process as easy as possible for our home owners to find and host just the right person to fill their nest. Our home owners report the excitement of seeing friendly faces of potential roommates in their email box, with detailed information about them right at their fingertips – all pre-qualified based on individual interests and needs.


Our Members Share Success Stories

“I knew right away when I saw Deb that she was the right match for me,” said Marilyn, one of our Silvernest members. “I never would have imagined something like this. On a fixed income, it was getting harder and harder to keep up with rising taxes and fees, and Silvernest is beginning to make all the difference for me to stay in my home.”


How Does It Work?

We have designed an end-to end solution to find the perfect roommate – with unique compatibility algorithms (that’s tech speak for “matching”) and background screening so you feel safe that potential matches have been vetted first. We provide tips to complete your profile and connect with prospective house mates. Once a match is selected, Silvernest makes the process easy for you by offering a fully customizable lease, and an auto payment feature, so you don’t have to chase down the check.


Join the Silvernest Community

Clearly, a lot of folks out there think this is a good idea too. Silvernest is proud to announce our 1000th member joined the Silvernest community earlier this month.  While Silvernest is ready for use anywhere in the U.S., we initially dedicated our outreach efforts in Colorado and recently began reaching out to potential members in Minneapolis/St. Paul.


Thank you for reading and hopefully sharing our new blog. We invite you to join Silvernest –and introduce us to those you know who may benefit from our service. Our goal is to create an active and connected community and share information that is thought-provoking, inspirational and sometimes just fun to read.


We’d Love to Hear from You

How can Silvernest help you or someone you know? Have you ever considered sharing your home with a house mate? Do you have home sharing success stories to share? We welcome your comments and thoughts below.


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