Wendi Burkhardt on Voice America with Patricia Raskin

Posted by Silvernest Team on Apr 3, 2018 4:16:28 PM


Wendi Burkhardt was interviewed on the Patricia Raskin show for Voice America.

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In this episode of the Patricia Raskin show, you'll hear from Tony Silbert and Silvernest's CEO Wendi Burkhardt.


Description: In the first half, Patricia interviews Tony Silbert, co-author of Healing Conversations Now: Enhance Relationships with Elders and Dying Loved Ones. There are inspirational stories, questions, and conversation starters provided to help you know what to do and say and will guide you as you engage in these new conversations. He discusses how this book will help you open your heart, give you a better understanding of loved ones, ensure you have the conversations that you need and want to have, and find peace with no regrets.


In the second half, Patricia interviews Wendi Burkhardt, CEO of Silvernest and a positive living guest. She will be discussing the topic of housing solutions for an aging population with her online house- sharing service that pairs boomers and empty nesters with long-term compatible housemates. She discusses how most Americans over 50 own a home and want to keep it, but struggle with high living costs while trying to save for retirement.


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