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Share Your Story Podcast Episode 5: What Generation Gap? How Intergenerational Connections Help Everybody

Maybe you identify as a Baby Boomer. You might have kids in Gen X. That young person at the coffee shop is Gen Z. Don’t you sometimes think all of these generational labels just serve to keep people apart? 


Phyllis Segal is Vice President of and co-founder of its Gen2Gen campaign, which aims to mobilize one million adults over 50 to stand up for and with young people. Phyllis joined Silvernest CEO Wendi Burkhardt and co-host Patricia Raskin on the Share Your Story podcast for an insightful conversation about how to bring generations together for mutual benefit. 


Volunteering—or helping to support young people who volunteer—can be a great way for Boomers and other older adults to build meaningful intergenerational connections. These kinds of opportunities help solve for social isolation on both ends of the age spectrum and, combined with solutions like homesharing, can help seniors with their monthly expenses. 


Listen to the podcast for more about, Gen2Gen and Silvernest’s partnership with them to support organizations including Teach For America, City Year, Service Year Alliance and more.

Find the podcast at the link below, on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts. 


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