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Share Your Story Podcast Episode 8: Who Are You Calling “Old?” How Today’s 50+ Women Are Redefining Their Experience

“We don’t deny our age. We deny the cultural scripts about what it means to be an older person.” That’s Mary Pipher, clinical psychologist and best-selling author of Reviving Ophelia, Another Country and her newest book, Women Rowing North: Navigating Life’s Currents and Flourishing As We Age.


Mary joined Silvernest CEO Wendi Burkhardt and co-host Patricia Raskin for a spirited discussion about transcending expectations, the value of intergenerational adventures and why older women are happier than ever.  Mary told us, “No other life stage is defined by what it can’t do or doesn’t have. We don’t define babies by saying, ‘one characteristic of babies is they can’t do calculus.’” So why do we continue putting 50+ women in a box labeled “Lonely, can’t see so good, will settle for less?” 


So many older women are living full and vibrant lives—traveling, volunteering, working, creating, mentoring and homesharing. Listen in for more about “women rowing North” and Mary’s inspiring journey to true happiness. You can find this episode at the link below, on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts. 


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