Boomers Get Proactive Building Relationships to Offset, "Who's Going to Take Care of Me When I'm Old?"

Posted by Silvernest Team on Jan 23, 2017, 12:51:42 PM



Have you ever asked yourself, “who’s going to take care of me when I’m old?” Actually, this is a rather modern question. For thousands of years multiple generations have always lived together, and such a question made no sense. However, in the past 70 years of modern society, much of that has changed. With so many living in solo dwellings, and grown children moving away, the question of who will take care of us when sick, managing an injury or surgery, or who will take care of us in advanced years is actually a dynamic question that needs to be asked again and again.

Joy Loverde is an expert on this topic. She wrote the classic book, “The Complete Eldercare Planner”  (updated & revised 2009), and it continues to be #1 in its category. Loverde has now pivoted her expertise in caregiving to a new message of self-responsibility. Her new book, “Who’s Going to Take Care of Me When I’m Old?” will be available later this year.

“No one is thinking about this question of who is going to take care of me,” said Loverde. “People say ‘I have no clue what to do.’ I decided to put in writing what people don’t know how to articulate. I am going to give people the question, and the answer. My skill is seeing the future.”


Her basic answer to the question of who will take care of you is, “people you may not know yet, and who will surprise you.” The fact that we meet new people in our neighborhood, at a book club, at the gym or while grocery shopping needs to be considered a more active focus to develop multiple networks of contacts in various aspects of our lives beyond our children or grandchildren.  Loverde is an advocate for tending to the relationships in life not just for the joy of socializing, but also for the critical aspect of building a network to draw upon if you need it.


“Relationships are a moving target,” said Loverde. “The question who is going to take care of me when I’m old will constantly compel us to continuously ask what’s next, what’s next, what’s next - because relationships come and go. “Who’s Next” can become something exiting! What you do today may not be there tomorrow. We have to keep ahead of the question, rather than being a victim of being alone.”


Loverde suggests there all kinds of ways of finding new people to fill your life, and recommends adopting a “strategic thinking” frame of mind as the guide and to get proactive. “Bottom line, we have to look to the people around us as invaluable. We can’t just rely on products and services.”


Silvernest is proud to be listed as one of the many resources in the upcoming book full of advice, resources and inspiration to get proactive and build your networks.


“Silvernest is a perfect example of thinking strategically," reflected Loverde. “Lots of people need extra income to maintain their home, and they are by themselves with all this space.  Here we have an existing environment where not too long ago we would never think of entertaining the idea of someone sharing our home. That’s new thinking. Home sharing came about because of critical thinking. Silvernest is an amazing resource here right now when we need it – and more is coming because Boomers will create new and innovative resources to get through it together.”


Her final words of advice? “If you just don’t like people, you better get real, or have plenty of money to take care of you. We are going to need to be fearless! Remember that you are tougher than you look, and all of us can thrive in times of uncertainty.” Loverde points out the McArthur Foundation did a study on successful aging, and came up with the iconic mantra; ‘Do something that scares you every day.’


"There are all kinds of ways of finding people. Make it fun! We have the advantage of time as boomers to plan ahead instead of our parents who woke up one day and wondered what happened."




Silvernest boldly breaks the rules of aging so you can share your home on your own terms. We’re creating the next generation of roommates. A more modern kind. A well-matched kind. A kind that’s just your style. Because around here, the details are totally up to you.

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